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The A-Team


Jesse "El Captain" Gomez
Height: 6'
Weight: Unknown?...really
Parts: Dominican
Darts: Black Widow MP 25gm
The Captains been with the team since its inception in 1999. He has consistantly improved his skills and rankings every year. Currently you'll find the Captains name and stats among the top 10 in the Gotham Dart League.
Anthony "the Black Assasin" Sclafani
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 140lbs.
Parts: Italian American
Darts: Phil Taylor knock off's 18 gm w/power points
Anthony Started Playing darts w/ fellow teammate Marc Faiman in 2000. Amazingly the black assasin has not exhibited "first season jitters". He comes to the line with the fury and determination of a crafty league veteran. Look for big darts and a top 10 MVP finish from Anthony this season.
Andy "The Round Five Ringer" DeMarco
Height 6'
Weight: 230
Parts: Italy
Darts: 23gm fixed point
Andy is hands down one of the top shooters of FULLY ARMED. Andy played his first league match way back in 1990. Through the years he  developed into a top ranked player. Unfortunately a freak fooseball injury knocked Andy out of competitive darts for the past 2 years. Andy returned last spring, 04 to Fully Armed and quickly showed the team why people refer to him as Round 5 DeMarco. In the Spring 04 season R5 was ranked in the top 10 MVP's and won conference 2's  divisional doubles cricket tournament with teammate Marc D'Aprile.
Laurel "The Black Widow" DeMarco
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Parts: Italy
Darts: 32 gm fixed point
Laurel, younger sibling to Andy is one of those dart throwers who just make you say hmmm. DeMarco has stunned the Gotham Dart League with a sick 85% winning percentage (which lead Fully Armed and the entire Bronze division). Most recently Laurel stunned the Big Apple Dart league, tossing a round 9 and ton 80 all in one night! (against the same person) The sickness continues this fall with Fully Armed.She is ranked one of the top female players in brooklyn.
Alex "En Fuego" Perez
Height: 6'
Weight: Unknown
Parts: Cuban
Darts: Voks Montana Mosquitos, 4gm!
En Fuego mytifies all with his consistant winning darts. One of the workhorses of the team Alex finished last season with close to 40 games thrown. In addition, he was a ranked shooter, finishing in the top 10 MVP's of The Gotham Dart League. Look for en fuego to continue the blaze this fall.
Danny "Red Eye" Perez
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Parts: Cuban
Darts: Unknown
Red Eye stunned the team last season. As a rookie thrower Red Eye finished undefeated in singles 01 and amazed the league with his 50 (red eye) out talent. Find out if the winning streak continues this season with Fully Armed. For the past 2 season Red Eye has the most improved player on the team. 
Eugene "The Piker" Davis
Height: 6'1''
Weight: 175 lb
Darts: Unknown
Parts: Ireland
The piker hopes to have another strong season this year with Fully Armed. Last Year Gene was the Bronze divisional 501 champion and finished the regular season with 1500+ all star points. Unfortunately duty called and Eugene missed several weeks working late hours. In our darkest hour, as we were eliminated from the conference finals, Eugene was in the midst of a pilgramage home to his native Ireland. Look for more strong darts from Gene this season.

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