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Fully Armed Dart Team
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This is your home for dart stats, pics and tips from the Fully Armed Dart Team.
*Friends, please make sure you turn on pop-up blockers before navigating through this website!
Coming Soon
Come and watch us play in our new home
McMahons Irish Pub
(The old Turtle Shell)

This Sunday @ Bulls Eye Pub aka Boxer starting at 8:00 luck of the draw.

Luck of the Draw this and every Thursday at the Gallery (Mcdonald Avenue off of 18th Avenue)

And now a little bit about this webpage:
This website is all about the game of darts as seen through the eyes of Fully Armed, a dart team playing out of the Mcmahon's Irish Pub. We are currently in the Silver division of the gotham dart league located in Brooklyn NY USA.
Whether or not you're a fan of the team you will enjoy the humor and sound dart tips provided on this website. To learn more about us check the links on the left of this page. Enjoy,

"Why are you here? Nobody likes you. Your darts suck"-Pat Sloan